What is Promo-site?

As a rule, a small site consisting of 5-15 stranits.V It provides information on commercial or non-profit organization, company, product, service, private person, contacts and other data. The cost of creating a business card site varies depending on the functional design and developed.

Most often, the creation of a small website bought commercial organizations to attract additional target audience or to provide contact information and information about the company activities. This site is such a classification does not require much time and money is needed in urgent cases. For example, before the exhibitions or workshops, as well as other important events.
Web development, such as business card site, will help in the case of a limited budget. Among other things, business card site is the initial step, which can be converted into a fully functional project with the installation of additional modules and connect the necessary functionality.

Creation of a small website - is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your company on the Internet. Such sites include all the necessary information about the company, about the products and the cost of services provided. The cost of creating a small website is much less than the creation of sites other direction. Therefore, when no high costs, you will get an excellent result.
Creation of sites of this type, requires less time, which allows you to quickly present your company on the Internet. Professionally made poster card is a perfect advertising tool for your business. With all the advantages of a small website, its functionality at any time can be extended to opportunities online store and other options. A lot of important role in the creation of a small website design plays, which is able to attract the attention of potential customers!