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Company FREEhost.com.ua - "the most reliable and convenient Ukrainian hosting", was founded in 2002 by students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Kiev Polytechnic University of Ukraine "KPI". During this time we have gained invaluable experience and a diploma of graduation.

We are grateful to the success primarily to the fact that we provide really high-quality Ukrainian hosting, we work equally well with large and small customers and the hard work that makes us all the time to move to the front.

Today FREEhost.com.ua among the three largest web hosting providers and domain registrars on the Ukrainian market. Our clients are well-known brands, major investment companies and banks, corporate representation and business centers.

We pay particular attention to the protection of information from unauthorized access. Virtual Server customers are on independent server space and are well protected from external intrusions.

Since 2010, our company is an accredited LIR (Local Internet registry). This enables us to allocate blocks of IP addresses and register them to their customers.

In 2011, we launched a datacenter FREEhost.UA compliant tier 2+, and became an official member of the largest Ukrainian exchange network traifkom UA-IX. This has brought our company to significantly higher levels of service.

Ukrainian hosting users: 75792

Number of serviced sites: 117464