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Website for restaurant

Website for restaurant, cafe, bar
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Manufacturer: SAYTOSTROY

This set of of services allows to get a proper autonomous site for presentation of restaurant, cafe bar at the internet in 3 days.

The proposal has everything you need.

Photo& video gallery for the presentation of the restaurant and of the dishes separately. The possibility to show it at Google Maps for tourists.

Guestbook, allowing to give feedback on the time spent in your restaurant.

An example of such site: Cafe OLO

The set of services includes the following works:

 Buying of a domain name (from the available) in the domain zone  ".com.ua" (or in any other area of the second level domain)

 This web-site will have the following opportunities:

  • Multilanguage, the ability to drive it at the same time in several languages
  • Publishing articles with pictures in them
  • Conducting of  Contacts section by categories and with the possibility of receiving feedback
  • Maintaining a blog or multiple blogs on various subjects
  • Displaying banners
  • Displaying news feeds from other sites on RSS technology
  • Geographic map for explaining how to find a restaurant
  • Installing of the guest book for clients reviews
  • Photo, video gallery to show the atmosphere  of the restaurant and dishes from menu.


How it looks from visitors: Demonstraion

That is available to the administrator of the site (login and password - DEMO): Demonstration

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