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Website for communication mates
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This set of services allows to get a proper autonomous site for communication like-minded group united by common hobby in 3 days. In today's world no one club can not do without a site. Whether it's an Auto club, Philately Club or Club of pet lovers, everyone needs a resource to socialize with like-minded people to share their achievements, or get friend's advices. Order the creation of the club site and nothing more would not limit your communication.

The set of services includes the following works:

At this site are the following possibilities:

  • Multilingual - keeping  site at the same time in several languages
  • Publishing of articles with pictures in them
  • Conducting of  Contacts section by category and with the possibility of receiving feedback
  • Maintaining a blog or multiple blogs on various subjects 
  • Displaying banners 
  • Displaying news feeds from other sites by RSS technology 
  • Forum for communication of clubmates
  • Photo, video gallery to display the history of club events

How it looks from visitors: Demonstraion

That is available to the administrator of the site (login and password - DEMO): Demonstration

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Интернет реклама УБС

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