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Website promotion is the continuing process used by webmasters to promote and bring more visitors to a website.
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This set of services allows to get a proper autonomous web-site in 2 days . An example of such a site - the web-site of Accord consulting company.

Promo site - a small site, usually consisting of one (or more) web page containing basic information about the organization, private person, company, products or services, price lists, contact info.

Mostly promo-sites are used by companies that don't want to carry high costs for creating a separate site. Very often when you buy a domain name for e-mail stub is setting or promo site for presentation.

The set of services includes the following works:

At this site are the following possibilities:

  • Multilingual, the ability to drive it at the same time in several languages
  • Publishing articles with pictures in them
  • Conducting of  Contacts section by categories and with the possibility of receiving feedback
  • Maintaining a blog or multiple blogs on various subjects 
  • Displaying banners 
  • Displaying news feeds from other sites by RSS technology 

How it looks from visitors: Demonstration

That is available to the administrator of the site (login and password - DEMO): Demonstrationе

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Интернет реклама УБС

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